Prints and a selection of original work

Country House Collection limited edition prints (click on an image to enlarge)                                 Acrylics, Mixed Media and Watercolour originals (click on an image to enlarge)
Artist retains copyright for all originals and prints.                                                                                  Originals from £130, or ask about prints from originals - prices on application.

Marigolds £30
  Tulips £30  The Blue Teapot £25  Jug on White Tablecloth £20  The Strawberry Cup £20               
  Sunflowers  Anemones  Tea and Biscuits  Tulips    
Winter Berries £30  Iris £30  Foxgloves £30  Pears and Hawthorn £28  The Sketchbook £20        Eryngium  Tulips  Flags  
Autumn Leaves £poa  Poppies and Daisies £28  Chinese Lanterns £30  Narcissus £25  Tulip £25  Iris  Daffodil               The Boathouse  View from French Village  Ducks Swimming